iching-tarot.com絕對尊重各位使用者的隱私權,請詳閱下列本中心的 隱私權保護政策 ( Privacy Policy ),以協助您瞭解本中心蒐集、應用及保護使用者所提供的個人資訊。

​iching-tarot.com. strictly respects the privacy of its customers. Please refer to the details below for our Privacy Policy so as to understand more about how we collect, apply and protect the private information provided to us.

1. 購物資料
當你在 iching-tarot.com 訂購時,我們需要你提供其他資料如信用卡資料及送貨地址等,可讓我們能處理你的訂單及通知你 訂單 的狀態。

1. Ordering Information
When you place an order with < iching-tarot.com > you will be asked to provide us with details such as credit card number and shipping address. This allows us to process and fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status.

2 . 資料保護
iching-tarot.com 承諾保護你的個人資料。 不會任意出售、交換、或出租任何使用者個人資料 ( 包括姓名、電郵地址、平郵地址、電話號碼、信用卡資料及購買紀錄) 給其他第三者。

2. Data Protection
< iching-tarot.com > firmly commits to protect your personal information. All data collected including names, email addresses, correspondent addresses, credit card information and purchasing records will not be sold, exchanged or let out to third parties.

3 . 傳送快訊等電子郵件
iching-tarot.com將在取得您的同意後,送上會員快訊 (Newsletter) ,並包含一部份商業訊息。iching-tarot.com除了在該郵件上註明是由iching-tarot.com發送,也會在該郵件上提供您能隨時停止接收這些資料或電子郵件的方法。

3. Electronic mails such as Members' Newsletters
At your approval only, < iching-tarot.com > will forward to you from time to time through electronic mails Members' Newsletters including some commercial information. These emails, marked clearly as issued by iching-tarot.com, also provide you with easy access to terminate your subscription anytime at your own discretion.